AVG Cloud Care "IT management for the small business."
Surveillance "Complete surveillance for your home, shop and office."
PC Systems "Tailored Business Systems to suit your every application."
PC Repair "Computer repair services and expert technical support"

In-House Service

Bring your PC to us for immediate support!

208 W. Kansas Ave. Bonifay, FL
9am to 5pm CST

Services Include:
  • Computer Repair & Diagnostics
  • Virus & Malware Removal
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • Password Recovery
  • Software Help & Installation

On-Site Service

Give us a call to arrange an appointment
for our experienced technicians to visit
your home or office.

We service most of northern Florida, as well as southern Alabama and Georgia.

Our clients include Banks, Hospitals, Nursing Facilities, and several Government Agencies.
Add your business to our list of satisfied clients and rest easy knowing you have quality support available at only a moments notice--24 hours a day!

Emergency Service

Whether in-house or on-site, we're on-call
24 hours a day!

There is no need for you to suffer from extended down-time--our technicians are at your beck and call whenever and wherever you need us.

Modern Tech Squad is the only CompTIA Certified Servicing Center in the Florida Panhandle.

  • CompTIA


    What is CompTIA

    CompTIA stands for The Computer Technology Industry Association. They strive in trying to standardize the Information Technology field by being a non-profit trade association that creates testing and training materials for anyone who is interested in working, training or striving to become an IT specialist.

  • Certified


    CompTIA Certified Technicians

    The CompTIA Authorized Service Center (ASC) credential validates an organization's level of technical certification, resulting in highly trained technical staff and customer satisfaction. It identifies organizations that employ certified technicians in the areas of Computer Repair, Network & Server Support. It shows that your staff has met the requirements by obtaining CompTIA certifications, take pride in their work, and are interested in advancing the skill level and quality of business operations.

  • Authorized


    Authorized Service Center

    When you choose a CompTIA Authorized Service Center (ASC), you understand that you will receive quality technical service. Businesses that meet even higher technical and customer service requirements are given the ASC designation from CompTIA to show that the facility is in high recommendation for technical Computer Repair, Network & Server Support.